Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: Our FAQ is currently being updated for 2022 Move It with Purpose. For additional questions, email

Move It with Purpose will take place the weekend of October 1 - 31, 2022.

Move It with Purpose is a Village Program that helps raise money to support Bridge of Life and their mission to strengthen health care globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease. It’s about rallying as a Village to connect with each other, have fun and do good together.

YES! Tour DaVita was a vehicle for adventure and camaraderie, but was limited to around 500. Move It with Purpose is accessible to all—anyone can join wherever they are, throughout the month of October, to make an impact on global health care and encourage local community and fun.

No, Village Celebration is a separate event. This year we will go back to in-person gatherings with our teams to remember and celebrate our achievements over the past year, and to recognize our collective accomplishments as a Village. More information on Village Celebrations will follow in September.

Teammates can visit anytime in October to log the amount of miles they have completed. For every mile logged, DaVIta will donate $1 to Bridge of Life (up to $250,000). Any type of movement counts - walking, running, dancing, riding horses, biking, swimming, yoga, Pilates and more!

Teammates can donate to Bridge of Life anytime in October at, and DaVita will match their donation dollar for dollar (up to $250,000). Before October, follow these instructions to opt-in to the Ripples platform.

Our website,, will help you convert a variety of activities, including steps, to approximate miles. Just keep track of the time you spend on each activity.

The $1,000 is given to regions or CBOs whose ROD or leader commits to hosting a regional or CBO-wide Move It with Purpose event. They must provide an event date and commit to either moving 500 miles or raising $1,500 to receive $1,000 toward their event.

As part of our email communication campaign, RODs/CBO leaders will be asked to submit information about their event via this link. Once their submission is received, the nominated Organizer will receive a special charge code to which they may expense $1,000 of the cost of their event.

If you are unable to attend a regional or CBO event, you can still participate in the miles match. Simply register and log your miles at anytime in October.

Yes! Donate to Bridge of Life anytime in October at to initiate a dollar-for-dollar match by DaVita. You can also log miles all month long through the website and DaVita will donate $1 per mile.

Yes, please do! Post photos of your Move It with Purpose fun to your social media account, being mindful of our Social Media Policy. Use #moveitwithpurpose and #davitaway so more people can find them. Also, you can upload your photos here to share with the Village. We'd love to see how you Move It with Purpose!