I was notified of a donation being made to my fundraising cause or I made a donation to a fundraiser. However, I do not see the donation on the fundraising page.

  • Due to Tour DaVita compliance rules, the donation made to your fundraising page
    may have been fully or partially allocated to the general fund.
  • Please view our Tour Compliance Donations Rules chart to fully
    understand who is allowed to donate what amount to whom.
  • Visit the My Donors page (from your Dashboard) to
    see if any donations made if your name were impacted by this year’s compliance
  • If you believe your donation was reallocated in error. Please email websupport@moveitwithpurpose.org and include the following details:
    • Fundraiser Name
    • Donor Name
    • Donor Classification
    • Donation Date
    • Donation Amount

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