Teams Come to Move It with Purpose

Unlock a new level of fun with Move It with Purpose teams!
There are two types of teams for this year’s event.

DaVita Teams

If you are a DaVita teammate, you will be automatically added to a team when you register for Move It with Purpose. Teams are grouped by region and CBO. Although DaVita teams are automatic, you can still create or join a custom team with your family and friends if you’d like!

View our 2022 DaVita Teams

Custom Teams

All registrants, whether a DaVita teammate or not, can make or join a custom Move It with Purpose team. Joining a custom team is not required, but can give you an opportunity to be on a team with co-workers, friends, family, clients, vendors—anyone!

View our 2022 Custom Teams

Have fun!

Any team, whether DaVita or custom, can set team themes and goals. Pick a theme, dress alike, invent a team cheer, song or dance… release the creativity of your team members!