About Bridge of Life

“Seeing to the well-being of my community has been beneficial to help reduce further complications from chronic conditions while also providing an opportunity to counsel clients on Covid-19 prevention.

I was privileged to help possibly save the life of a 46-year old man who was having concurrent coughing and very high blood pressure. I helped get him to a facility where he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and was on oxygen for two weeks. Bridge of Life was there for us and provided the necessary support to help this patient.”

Margaret Asabea Amaniampong, BOL Community Health Worker (Ghana)

Since Tour DaVita and Move It began, $14 million has been raised for Bridge of Life (BOL) to assist in their efforts to help prevent, control, and treat kidney disease and its key causes around the globe. BOL is an international nonprofit organization working to strengthen health care globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease. BOL believes everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Their vision is a world where all human beings have access to quality health care.

Since BOL’s first mission to set up a dialysis clinic in Cameroon, West Africa, more than 130,000 people have been positively impacted by their healthcare programs. BOL’s programs have expanded to include chronic disease prevention, arteriovenous fistula surgeries, community health worker programs, and camps for kids with chronic and serious illnesses.

Your participation in Move It with Purpose, supports Bridge of Life and improves health outcomes for thousands of people around the world. BOL is humbled by and grateful for all their supporters who make their work possible. Each of YOU play a vital role in serving the people they impact. Your compassion and generosity are helping to create a healthier world for us all!

Bridge of Life
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